How to Start White Label Forex Brokerage? Step by Step Guide

With affordable subscription plans and zero commissions, Signal Magician™ offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for Forex and Stock traders of all levels. Forex White Label is the most successful option, enabling brokers to easily set up their Forex brokerage and remove entry barriers to the market. Dip into legal issues

Brokers should understand that the FX brokerage regulation depends on the country. Some jurisdictions tighten rules and requirements, while other countries create a fertile ground for newer players.

  • With IBKR’s multi-asset platform, brokers can provide their clients with access to a wide range of financial instruments, including 150 markets across 33 countries.
  • B2Broker’s Forex liquidity solutions offer a direct and efficient way for its clients to access major Tier-1 FX liquidity venues benefiting from a deep liquidity pool, fast execution speeds, and professional support.
  • FXOpen White Label provides access to the cutting-edge technologies specifically used in this industry.
  • It is not a physical product and you don’t need a physical storage or distribution or even different suppliers.
  • This means that you can offer this powerful trading tool to your clients under your own brand.

The drawdown for the two-year backtest period of the IS White EA’s very short stop loss has not even approached 1%. This EA is impressive since it makes money even on little deposits and trades with a small maximum drawdown. It does not use risky trading strategies like a grid, martingale, etc. A little Stop Loss is always present to protect every transaction. B2Broker is an international company founded in 2014 that assists brokerages and exchange firms in achieving their business objectives. B2Broker’s extensive client base has served over 500 customers, including 298 corporate clients, 170 professional clients, and 32 institutional clients.

What services do White Label Forex providers offer?

Our specialists will help you work out a case plan to overcome any difficulty that may arise during your start-up period. They will suggest effective marketing ideas to promote your business and optimize your online trading activity. FXOpen White Label provides access to the cutting-edge technologies specifically used in this industry. They make it possible to trade with a wide range of financial instruments via the popular MT4 terminal. You will be assisted in the development of your growth strategy, landing clients policy, and business processes architecture.

The platform is cloud-based, with no hosting costs, and designed for speedy and high-quality execution. X Open Hub offers ultra-fast feeds and execution through various connectivity options such as FIX 4.3, FIX 4.4, xAPI, MT4/MT5 Gateways, or Bridge Providers. Additionally, they offer clients several benefits, including $0 volume commission on OTC instruments, low effective spreads, no requotes, and deep liquidity on FX. It is regulated by FCA, KNF, CySec, IFSC, DFSA, and FSCA, and operates under a robust regulatory framework to ensure the best interest of its clients.

Trading experience is not required to open a white label brokerage firm. Generally, anyone can get a white label license without any technical requirement and open their brokerage. Moreover, besides having a full-time job, one can white-label in the forex market. Furthermore, business owners get high-end payment providers, including the possibility to integrate
B2BinPay, a crypto payment solution, that jumps your brokerage company to a brand new level. Using tools designed specifically for brokers, it is possible to create unique solutions that are preloaded with a variety of instruments. It is possible to add more functionality to your platform, such as plugins if you so choose.

Signal Magician is set up in a way to offer the fastest possible copy trading speed. Many clients worry that if MetaTrader accounts are hosted in a different country, they will experience delays. Still, our practice shows that it is enough to have a connection latency with your broker of 100ms or less.

Partial vs Full White Label – Which one is right for you?

To begin with, a licensed FXbroker is more financially safe than an unlicensed WL provider. For the second time, getting a forex broker license
is a time-consuming endeavor. There are a number of reasons why FXbrokers are looking to get regulatory status in order to develop long-term, forward-thinking brokerages. B2Broker’s Forex liquidity solutions offer a direct and efficient way for its clients to access major Tier-1 FX liquidity venues benefiting from a deep liquidity pool, fast execution speeds, and professional support. Its liquidity solutions have been developed with a focus on high-frequency trading (HFT) systems, making them ideal for handling even the most complex trading strategies. Their Forex liquidity solutions come with competitive trading costs spreads starting from almost zero, margin requirements set at just 1% and execution speed starting from 12ms.

A few words about liquidity

At first sight, Forex is a liquid market, as we are talking about fiat currencies. If to switch the attention to brokerage companies, the liquidity is referred to the depth of the order book. The more ask and bid offers are placed there, the higher chances traders get to buy and sell assets by the market price. Reliable liquidity providers connect your order book with the largest banking institutions and funds like BNP Paribas, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, etc. Quadcode’s white-label solution provides clients with a full-packed brokerage business tailored to their needs, powering 150 million trading accounts in over 170 countries.

They were not your customers – they were just anonymous followers. You can use online platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Clickfunnels, …  or Marketplaces to automate your sells. This way you can receive the payment to your bank account and deliver the product instantly. Trading platforms require regular updates, maintenance works; this is why owners may require additional prices for such services. Beginner brokers are charged fees (fixed price and/or fees from trading volumes). A brokerage company maintains its partners, helping fix problems and find the most beneficial solution at every stage.

To build your own Forex broker requires a significant amount of money, time, and experience, various regulation, and legalities. A white label is the most cost-effective way to get access to the world’s largest financial marketplace without paying for a fully licensed broker. Find a provider company

The foremost concern is to find a reliable company that offers WL solutions for FX brokers. Glance over the reviews and brief characteristics of a primary broker to understand whether it is worth dealing with or not.

Trading platforms like B2Broker may be easily integrated into existing systems (B2Core,
IB modules, and other effective solutions). Within 24 hours, a white label platform’s functionality may be altered. These tools are created by our team of developers who have over 10 years of experience, they have been designed to be fully automatic by analyzing the market and deciding when to open and close trades accurately. All these tools have verified results on respected platforms like Myfxbook and come with money management and risk limits. X Open Hub is a division of XTB SA that offers white-label solutions for brokers, startups, and banks.

Just click below and download the latest version with access to all features for free. Eventually, both models have strong and weak points, and a newer broker should decide best forex white label solutions which solution corresponds with his (her) goals better. To view other Expert Advisors MT4, select one of the filters corresponding to your interests in forex trading.

When you sell trading signals as an independent provider under your brand, you have the email address of every customer. You can contact them anytime with any updates or new products to offer. An Independent signal provider is an individual or a company selling trading signals from their own website under their own brand. For that, a copy trading platform is required so that all processes can be done in-house. While you’ve turned your network into a business and want to move forward, white labeling is the only smart solution.

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